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Project Management

We work across various building disciplines including Commercial, Industrial and Over 55’s living.

Project Management for Newcastle apartments - scaffolding and crane in place

The project management phase often commences with our client having a set of goals or vision.


Step 1 - Obtaining DA or Complying Development Certificate

  • Establish Design and Construct Budgets off the back of end user requirements.
  • Tender Consultant Packages.
  • Engage all consultants.
  • Work through conceptual design options with Architects, and all other consultants including BCA and PCA, Utility Companies, Local Council, Ausgrid, RMS and the like.
  • Settle design, costs and programme and handle submission of the Development Application.
  • Submit and Obtain DA.

Step 2 – DA through to issuance of CC (Construction Certificate)

  • Review DA and establish all conditions precedent for Construction Certificate.
  • Establish Budget and timing for obtaining CC.
  • Develop Contracts and engage Consultants.
  • Manage the delivery of Consultant Contracts.
  • Develop strategies to work through complex obstacles, i.e. Land Contamination, easements, bushfire risk, flooding risks, geotechnical issues, site terrain.
  • Obtain CC in a timely manner.

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